About Somebody Somewhere


Yep, here’s another blog and my blog is simple. It’s nothing more or less than the things I want to talk about and my observations on life, near and far. The blog is for everyone and at the same time for no one other than myself.

Why Somebody Somewhere? I refuse to create a blog that’s put into a category. I felt drawn to a golden thread that binds my musings. Sewn throughout will be a strong sense of gratitude and the embracing of life. Why? Because Somebody Somewhere is worse off than me. Somebody Somewhere has anonymously contributed to the life I have, when I stop to think about it. What about the person who worked for hours to create the clothes I wear? The people who made the things I own. The food I eat?

If Somebody Somewhere gets even a tiny morsel of inspiration to lead a bigger life from my writing then I will be delighted. And Somebody Somewhere is also the part of me that wants exactly that for myself.

Life has never been and will never be equal for all. There are many ways to respect and honour the luck and the privilege that you have and this is my way.

I know I’m late to this blogging thing (or am I?). My name is not important. Neither is my face. I can promise you that you won’t be the slightest bit interested in what I’m wearing. I just love writing and it’s the way I creatively express myself. I’m not a big fan of talking, having been blessed with after-wit and my conversations are so much better once I’ve remembered them back and edited them in my mind. Writing is my thing.

I love feedback. If I end up sounding pretentious or preachy, tell me. People who challenge my thinking are welcomed especially when they shine a light on an alternative view to my own. If you like my jam, please jot down an encouraging word or two.

Most blogs in this section write something persuasive about their views being their own, telling you in earnest that freebies don’t sway their opinions. I suppose I get to say the same seeing as this is a bona fide blog. Quite which brand would hand me free stuff remains to be seen. I’ll keep you updated if this ever happens (unlikely in a month of Sundays).

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” Terry Pratchett.